Rome, Italy


Viva la Italia! There’s a reason why the phrase, “When in Rome….” has become part of our vernacular. This spirited city gives you a free pass to indulge in another scoop of gelato or glass of wine. Rome mesmerizes with its abundance of ancient ruins, but the city isn’t stuck in the past. With its vibrant culture and unique modern flair, Rome will be a destination you and your family will cherish.

To make the most of your Roman holiday, choose a few must-see landmarks and then spending the rest of your time getting lost in the city and discovering the Roma that exists beyond its well-maintained monuments. Visit the newer MACRO and MAXXI museums for a dose of modern and contemporary art, providing a nice contrast to the centuries-old architecture. Satisfy your inner gourmet in the casual osterias or trattorias, as well as in higher end ristorantes. With so many sights and new flavors to savor, a visit to Rome is sure to invigorate your senses.

Adrianna Residence

Rome, Italy

The perfect pied-à-terre in the heart of Rome